Where Oikosbrain comes from and the mission it has

Manuel Pinilla

22 de August de 2022

Knowledge for the future

Building brains, our real oikos

The origin of Oikosbrain is in The Planet App, our product to build low greenhouse gas emission habits and teach about sustainability. It has also been a source of inspiration, as it has allowed us to understand how users can enjoy learning in ways they did not expect. With Oikosbrain, what we aim is providing our users something that goes much further, and it is based in their request: We want to know.

Not only based in that request is born Oikosbrain, but because we believe in education as fundamental element to build free people, able to judge and decide by themselves, uneasy to manipulate. Education is the way to generate authentic criteria with respect to different topics affecting our lives. And we believe that, being something so relevant for the future of everyone, education must also reach everyone. Education is composed of many dimensions, one of them is general knowledge, covering topics such as history, art, philosophy, science, and many more.

We also know that there is need to find new ways to teach, able to capture attention in an effective manner in these times of reduced attention spans, ways that can also be scaled without any limit and can reach any place and any person.

Our mission

With Oikosbrain we have the mission to help millions of people building their real oikos, their brain. Oikos means “home” in greek, and oikos is our tribute to one of the places where humans started to structure knowledge in a sophisticated manner, the ancient Greece.

How will we achieve it? With a tool that they can use every day of their life to learn about different topics that will make them better rounded individuals.

About the author

Manuel Pinilla is one of the founders of Oikosbrain and The Planet App. He holds a PhD. in Electrical Engineering, and MBA and he is an Engineer, and considers education as a pillar of personal development

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