Works, thoughts and legacy of Simone de Beuavoir


Explore the influential work of French existentialist thinker and feminist icon Simone de Beauvoir with our comprehensive course. Delve into Beauvoir's life, philosophy, and seminal work 'The Second Sex', which revolutionized feminist theory. Our course provides an in-depth look at her early life, education, and the influences that shaped her thought. Understand her key ideas and contributions to existentialism and how they intersect with her feminist ideology. You will engage in critical analysis of Beauvoir's literary and philosophical texts, gaining insight into narrative techniques, her reflections on gender, freedom, and sexuality, and her profound impact on feminist movements. Key topics include existential philosophy, feminism, gender studies, and literary analysis. If you're searching for a course on Simone de Beauvoir, feminism, existentialism, or gender studies, this is the perfect academic opportunity to broaden your understanding and analytical skills. Enroll now to explore the legacy of one of the most important feminist thinkers of the 20th century.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of Simone de Beauvoir's life, works, and legacy, as well as develop critical thinking skills in analyzing philosophical and literary texts through a feminist and existentialist lens.

Course program

Early Life and Education of Simone de Beauvoir
Influences on Simone de Beauvoir's Thought
Main Ideas and Works of Simone de Beauvoir
Legacy and Impact of Simone de Beauvoir
Literary and Philosophical Analysis of Simone de Beauvoir