Women’s Rights Movements Around the World


This course covers the historical foundations of women's suffrage, advancements and challenges post-suffrage, second-wave feminism, global struggle for reproductive rights, the fight for equal pay, combating violence against women, modern movements and future directions in women's rights, and the future of women's rights advocacy.

What you will learn

Gain a comprehensive understanding of women's rights movements around the world and develop the skills to critically analyze and contribute to ongoing efforts for gender equality and women's empowerment.

Course program

Historical Foundations of Women's Suffrage
Advancements and Challenges Post-Suffrage
Second-Wave Feminism and Its Broad Impacts
Global Struggle for Reproductive Rights
The Fight for Equal Pay and Addressing the Gender Pay Gap
Combating Violence Against Women: Legal and Social Approaches
Modern Movements and Future Directions in Women's Rights
The Future of Women's Rights Advocacy