Women in STEM: Pioneers and Challenges


This course explores the contributions of key women in STEM, analyzes the gender equity challenges in the field, examines historical contexts and exclusions, discusses the effects of gender discrimination, and highlights the innovation and impact of diversity in STEM. It also delves into the importance of mentorship and support networks for women in STEM.

What you will learn

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the pioneers and challenges faced by women in STEM, and develop the skills to advocate for gender equity, diversity, and mentorship in the field.

Course program

Trailblazers in STEM: Key Women and Their Discoveries
Analyzing Barriers: Gender Equity Challenges in STEM
Historical Contexts and Exclusions in STEM
Gender Discrimination: Effects and Responses in STEM
Innovation through Diversity: Women's Impact in STEM
Building Support: Networks and Mentorship for Women in STEM