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Water Management in Sustainable Buildings: Collection, Reuse, and Water Efficiency


This course covers the history and evolution of water management in sustainable buildings, innovative technologies for rainwater collection, treatment processes for greywater recycling, water efficiency strategies, design and implementation of sustainable water management systems, regulations and standards, implementation of water-saving measures, and the environmental impact of water management in buildings.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will acquire the knowledge and skills to effectively manage water in sustainable buildings, including the collection and reuse of rainwater and greywater, implementing water efficiency strategies, integrating renewable energy with water management, and understanding regulations and standards for water conservation.

Course program

Fundamentals of Water Management in Sustainable Buildings
Collection of Rainwater in Sustainable Buildings
Recycling Greywater in Sustainable Buildings
Water Efficiency Strategies in Buildings
Design and Implementation of Sustainable Water Management Systems
Regulations and Standards for Water Management in Buildings
Implementation of Water-Saving Measures
Reduction of Water Consumption in the Built Environment