Water and Soil Resources


This course covers the understanding of water and soil resources, anthropogenic impacts on water and soil, global perspectives on water and soil management, agriculture, soil degradation, and climate change, conservation techniques for water and soil, policy frameworks, technological advancements in resource management, and interlinkages between water and soil resources.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the management and conservation of water and soil resources, as well as the skills to address anthropogenic impacts and emerging challenges in this field.

Course program

Understanding Water and Soil Resources
Anthropogenic Impacts on Water and Soil
Global Perspectives on Water and Soil Management
Agriculture, Soil Degradation, and Climate Change
Conservation Techniques for Water and Soil
Policy Frameworks and Technological Advancements in Resource Management
Interlinkages Between Water and Soil Resources
Emerging Challenges and Future Directions