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Trailblazers: Women Who Changed History


This course explores the pivotal role of women in history, focusing on the suffragette movement, civil rights, women in science and education, women in politics and activism, organizational milestones, global perspectives, and foundational documents in women's rights.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of the trailblazing women who changed history and the various movements and milestones that have shaped women's rights and gender equality.

Course program

The Global Suffragette Movement: Pioneers of Women's Voting Rights
Civil Rights and the Women's Liberation Movement: Struggles for Equality in the 20th Century
Pioneering Women in Science and Education: Breaking Barriers Across Fields
Women in Politics and Activism: Shaping Policy and Society
Organizational Milestones: The Role of Women's Groups in Social Change
Global Echoes of Women's Rights Movements: Cross-Cultural Perspectives
Foundational Documents and Declarations in Women's Rights