The Spanish transition to democracy


This course covers the foundations of the Spanish transition to democracy, including the legacy of Franco's regime, the drafting and ratification of the Spanish Constitution of 1978, the establishment of the State of Autonomies, challenges and achievements in establishing democracy, political alternation, the threat of ETA terrorism, and the influence of the Spanish transition on other countries.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Spanish transition to democracy, including the historical context, key figures, challenges, and the impact of this transition on Spain and other countries, as well as the skills to analyze and evaluate the complex process of democratization.

Course program

The Foundations of Transition: Post-Franco Spain and Key Figures
The Spanish Constitution of 1978
The State of Autonomies in Spain
Challenges, Achievements, and Difficulties in Establishing Democracy
Political Alternation in Democratic Spain
The Threat of Terrorism during the Transition
Influence of the Spanish Transition to Democracy on Other Countries