Desarrollo personal y psicología

The Science and Strategies of Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology


Unlock the secrets of cognitive-behavioral psychology with our comprehensive course designed for those seeking to understand the mind-behavior connection and practical applications of therapy techniques. Dive into the world of Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis, and master cognitive restructuring tools to empower clients in therapy and stress management. Ideal for psychology students, therapists, and anyone interested in mental health, this course is perfect for learning how cognitive processes influence behavior and everyday life. Whether you're new to the field or want to enhance your professional skills, our course has the insights and practical knowledge you need. Join us to explore cognitive-behavioral strategies that cater to a variety of psychological disorders and thrive in personal development. Search for cognitive-behavioral techniques, stress management therapy, psychological skills training, or mental health courses to discover our enriching program.

What you will learn

Develop a comprehensive understanding of cognitive-behavioral psychology and acquire practical skills for applying cognitive-behavioral techniques in therapy and stress management.

Course program

Principles and historical development of cognitive-behavioral psychology
Contributions of key figures such as Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis
Cognitive-behavioral coaching
Integration of cognitive-behavioral approaches with other therapeutic modalities
Cognitive processes and their influence on behavior
Cognitive restructuring
Automatic thoughts
Cognitive biases
Cognitive-behavioral assessment techniques
Cognitive-behavioral techniques and interventions used in therapy
Application of cognitive-behavioral approaches to specific psychological disorders
Stress management