The Russian Revolution


Dive into the pivotal period of the early 20th century with our insightful course on the Russian Revolution. Spanning from the 1905 Bloody Sunday to the October Revolution in 1917, this course breaks down the key events that reshaped global politics and society. Understand the role of figures like Tsar Nicholas II, Lenin, and the Bolsheviks in creating the world's first communist state. Explore how the revolution led to the end of imperial Russia and the rise of the Soviet Union, setting the stage for the Cold War. With expert analysis and rich historical detail, our course is perfect for students, history enthusiasts, scholars, or anyone interested in the causes and impacts of the Russian Revolution. This learning experience covers themes such as Tsarist autocracy, Marxism, proletariat struggle, and the ensuing civil war. Enroll now to gain insights into how the revolution spurred global discussions on human rights and social justice. Keywords: Russian Revolution, Bolsheviks, Soviet Union, Tsar Nicholas II, Marxism, Lenin, October Revolution, history course, online learning, communist state, Cold War, human rights, social justice.

What you will learn

To understand the historical context, key events, and consequences of the Russian Revolution, and its impact on human rights, through an engaging mobile learning experience.

Course program

Introduction to the Russian Revolution
Pre-Revolutionary Russia
Events Leading to the Revolution
The Bolshevik Revolution and the Rise of Lenin
Establishment of the Soviet Union
Consequences for Human Rights
Legacy of the Russian Revolution