The Paleolithic times: old stones


Embark on a journey through the annals of prehistory with 'The Paleolithic times: old stones' course. This comprehensive online course provides incredible insights into the Paleolithic era, the period marking the dawn of human technology and society. Over nine content-rich modules, learners will discover the lives of the first humans, their innovative tools, the development of primitive art and culture, and the monumental shift to settled life in the Neolithic period. Perfect for history buffs and curious minds alike, this course navigates through humanity's earliest accomplishments. By engaging with this course, you gain an understanding of our stone-crafted ancestry, advancing your knowledge about hunter-gatherer societies and their legacy in contemporary culture. Explore topics such as the Ice Age, cave paintings, and Stone Age tools that carved the path of human evolution. Ideal for students, educators, and anyone interested in ancient history, 'The Paleolithic times: old stones' is your portal to exploring the mystique of our distant past. With accessible mobile learning, and an immersive, modular approach, dive into the era that shaped today's civilizations. Keywords: Paleolithic era, ancient humans, Stone Age, prehistoric life, human evolution, archaeology course, online history class, Neolithic transition, Paleolithic art and culture, hunter-gatherers, mobile learning, educational app, early human society.

What you will learn

The learning goal of this course is to provide learners with a deep understanding of the Paleolithic era and its significance, fostering an appreciation for the achievements and challenges faced by our ancient ancestors. This course is designed to be engaging and accessible through a mobile app, allowing learners to explore the content at their own pace.

Course program

Introduction to Paleolithic Times
Inhabitants of the Paleolithic Era
Daily Life and Survival
Technological Advancements
Art and Culture
Weapons and Tools
Social Organization and Communication
End of the Paleolithic Era
Legacy of the Paleolithic Era