The Mongol Empire, Conquest and Legacy


Dive deep into the history of the largest contiguous land empire ever to exist with this comprehensive course on the Mongol Empire. Get a detailed overview of its rise to power, led by the legendary Genghis Khan, and explore the vast conquests that stretched across Asia and into Europe. Discover the socio-cultural dynamics and how the Mongols facilitated trade and cultural exchange along the Silk Road. This course will enrich your knowledge of military strategies, the empire’s governance, and its profound influence on Eurasian history. Perfect for history buffs, students, and anyone interested in the legacy that shaped civilizations, join us to learn about the Mongol Empire's role in global history. Key topics include Genghis Khan, Mongol military tactics, culture, and the Silk Road—a must for anyone studying the Middle Ages or Asian history.

What you will learn

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Mongol Empire and its historical significance through engaging mobile learning.

Course program

Introduction to the Mongol Empire
Origins of the Mongol Empire
Military Tactics and Conquests
Society and Culture of the Mongol Empire
Relations with Surrounding Nations
The Pax Mongolica and Trade
The Decline and Fall of the Mongol Empire
Legacy of the Mongol Empire