The Middle Ages in the Iberian Penisula: Al-Andalus and Christian Reconquest


This course covers the political evolution, economy, society, and culture of Al-Andalus, the Reconquest by Christian Kingdoms, feudal organization, women and governance, interactions between Christians, Muslims, and Jews, art, architecture, trade, education, and the influence of the Middle Ages on modern Iberian culture.

What you will learn

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the Middle Ages in the Iberian Peninsula, including the historical, cultural, and social dynamics of Al-Andalus and the Christian Reconquest, and to develop critical thinking and analytical skills in evaluating the impact of this period on modern Iberian culture.

Course program

The Umayyad Conquest and Establishment of Al-Andalus (711-718)
The Reconquest by Christian Kingdoms
Feudal Organization during the Middle Ages in Spain
Women and Governance in the Middle Ages
Interactions between Christians, Muslims, and Jews
Art, Architecture, Trade, and Education
Influence of the Middle Ages on Modern Iberian Culture