The human being as a social being and the philosophy of the political


This course covers the foundations of political philosophy, social organization and political power, political ideologies and theories, visions of society, political systems and movements, power, religion, and technology in politics, economics and ethics in political systems, historical development of political thought, and contemporary challenges in political philosophy.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will acquire a deep understanding of the human being as a social being and the philosophy of the political, as well as critical thinking skills to analyze and evaluate political systems and movements, and the ability to apply ethical considerations to political decision-making.

Course program

Foundations of Political Philosophy
Social Organization and Political Power
Political Ideologies and Theories
Visions of Society: Utopias, Dystopias, and Real-World Examples
Political Systems and Movements
Power, Religion, and Technology in Politics
Economics and Ethics in Political Systems
Historical Development of Political Thought
Contemporary Challenges in Political Philosophy