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The Horoscope: its origin and history


This course explores the early origins and development of astrology, the impact of historical events on astrology and the horoscope, the development and use of the horoscope, astrology and the horoscope in contemporary society, and the future of astrology and the horoscope.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of the history and cultural significance of astrology and the horoscope, as well as the ability to interpret horoscopes and analyze their impact on contemporary society and the future.

Course program

Early Origins and Development of Astrology
The Impact of Historical Events on Astrology and the Horoscope
The Development and Use of the Horoscope
Astrology and the Horoscope in Contemporary Society
The Influence of Astrology and the Horoscope on Various Aspects of Life
The Future of Astrology and the Horoscope