The Golden Sayings of Epictetus


This course delves into the teachings of Epictetus and Stoic philosophy, covering topics such as self-mastery, the Stoic's relationship with the divine, the pursuit of inner peace, and the importance of virtue and wisdom.

What you will learn

To gain a deep understanding of Epictetus' Golden Sayings and Stoic philosophy, and to develop the skills of self-mastery, inner peace, and ethical living in accordance with Stoic principles.

Course program

Foundations of Stoic Thought
The Nature of Freedom and Self-Mastery
The Stoic's Relationship with the Divine
The Stoic Practice of Self-Reflection
The Art of Living in Harmony with Nature
The Stoic Approach to Acceptance and Endurance
The Pursuit of Inner Virtue and Character
The Stoic's View on Change and Impermanence
The Path to Inner Peace and Tranquility
Virtue and Wisdom as the Markers of the True Philosopher