The Economics of Gender Inequality


This course explores the historical, legal, and economic aspects of gender inequality in the workforce, including intersectional analysis, the gender wage gap, unpaid labor, educational access, entrepreneurship, and the economic impact of gender-based violence and disparities in property and land ownership.

What you will learn

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the economic dimensions of gender inequality, including the ability to analyze its historical, legal, and policy frameworks, and evaluate its impact on labor market outcomes and economic growth.

Course program

Historical Perspectives on Gender Inequality in the Workforce
Intersectional Analysis of Gender Inequality
Analyzing the Gender Wage Gap: Causes and Economic Impacts
Workplace Dynamics and Unpaid Labor: Gendered Implications
Educational Access and Economic Outcomes: A Gender Perspective
Gender Differences in Entrepreneurship and Access to Capital
Costs and Economic Impact of Gender-Based Violence
Gender Disparities in Access to Property and Land Ownership
Impact of Gender Inequality on Economic Growth