The Decolonization Process During the Second Half of the 20th Century


This course explores the impact of colonialism in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East before World War II, the influence of the war on nationalist movements, and the subsequent decolonization process in the second half of the 20th century.

What you will learn

To understand the historical processes of colonialism, nationalism, and decolonization, and to analyze the global impact of these movements on international relations and the legacy of decolonization in the modern world.

Course program

Colonialism in Asia and Africa before World War II
The Impact of World War II on Colonial Powers
The Decolonization of Asia
The Decolonization of Africa
The Decolonization of the Middle East
The Non-Aligned Movement and Global Solidarity Efforts
Decolonization and the Cold War's Global Influence
Economic Shifts and the Rise of New Power Blocs
The Aftermath and Legacy of Decolonization
Decolonization in the Caribbean and Latin America