The Critique of Pure Reason, by Immanuel Kant


The course covers the nature and limits of human reason, the critical examination of pure reason, the role of understanding and logic, transcendental aesthetic, principles of pure understanding, the dialectic of pure reason, the regulative use of ideas, and the practical employment of reason.

What you will learn

To develop a deep understanding of the nature and limits of human reason, and to gain the ability to critically examine and apply pure reason in various contexts.

Course program

The Nature and Limits of Human Reason
The Critical Examination of Pure Reason
Transcendental Aesthetic: Space and Time
The Role of Understanding and Logic in Pure Reason
Principles of Pure Understanding
The Dialectic of Pure Reason and the Ideas of Reason
The Regulative Use of Ideas and the Supreme Intelligence
The Practical Employment of Reason and the Ideals of Pure Reason
The Discipline and History of Pure Reason