The crisis of Restoration and the fall of Monarchy in Spain (1902-1931)


Explore the defining moments of Spanish history with this in-depth course on the crisis of Restoration and the fall of the Monarchy in Spain between 1902 and 1931. This pivotal period saw a dramatic shift from monarchical rule to the establishment of a shaky republic, marking a critical epoch in the evolution of modern Spain. Uncover the intricate historical, political, social, and economic factors that fueled the unrest and led to profound change. Analyze the influence of international relations, the evolving role of media, and the shaping of public opinion during this time of extraordinary transformation. Dive deep into the implications of political dictatorships and understand the enduring legacy of this crisis. Ideal for students of European history, historians, and anyone interested in Spain's past. Keywords: Spain Restoration crisis, Spanish monarchy fall, 20th century Spain history, political instability Spain, republic establishment Spain, Spanish history course.

What you will learn

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the crisis of Restoration and the fall of monarchy in Spain, and develop critical thinking and analytical skills to assess the complex factors that shaped this period of political instability and its long-term effects.

Course program

Historical Context and Background
Political Landscape and Ideologies
Social and Cultural Factors
Media and Public Opinion
International Relations and Intervention
Political Instability and Crisis
Economic and Social Impact of the Crisis
Legacy of the Crisis and Fall of Monarchy