The 19th century in Spain: Liberal state, Carlist Wars, and the First Republic


This course covers the political, social, and economic landscape of 19th century Spain, including the reigns of monarchs and regents, the Carlist Wars, the establishment of the First Spanish Republic, and the role of various societal elements such as the Catholic Church, military, women, and intellectuals.

What you will learn

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the 19th century in Spain, including the political upheavals, social transformations, and the influence of key institutions and societal groups, while developing critical analysis and historical research skills.

Course program

Monarchs and regents in Spain during the 19th century
Political landscape in 19th century Spain
The Carlist Wars
The First Spanish Republic
Social and economic conditions in Spain during the 19th century
Role of the Catholic Church in 19th century Spain
Role of the military in 19th century Spain
Role of women in 19th century Spain
Role of intellectuals and artists in 19th century Spain
International relations and conflicts involving Spain in the 19th century