Literatura Universal

Testimonial and Biographical Literature: Journals, Letters, Memoirs


This course explores the foundations, evolution, and impact of testimonial and biographical literature, covering topics such as epistolary novels, metafiction, autofiction, memoirs, ethical and psychological considerations, cultural and global perspectives, technological influences, and the intersection of testimonial literature and identity.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of testimonial and biographical literature, as well as the ability to critically analyze and interpret personal narratives, letters, and memoirs within cultural, historical, and ethical contexts.

Course program

Foundations of Testimonial and Biographical Literature
The 18th Century: Epistolary Novels and Autobiographical Fiction
Innovations in Narrative: Parody and Metafiction
Autobiographies and Autofiction
Memoirs: Evolution and Impact
Ethical and Psychological Considerations in Biographical Literature
Cultural and Global Perspectives in Testimonial Literature
Technological Influences on Testimonial Literature
The Intersection of Testimonial Literature and Identity