Desarrollo personal y psicología

Symbols in Dreams


This course covers the history of dream interpretation, common dream symbols and their meanings, the relationship between dreams and psychological well-being, the interpretation of common dream scenarios, the influence of literature, art, and creativity on dream symbols, lucid dreaming and its relationship to dream symbols, ethical considerations in interpreting dream symbols, and dream symbolism in life transitions.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will acquire the skills and knowledge to interpret dream symbols, understand the psychological implications of dreams, and apply ethical considerations in dream analysis, as well as explore the technological advances in dream research.

Course program

History of Dream Interpretation
Common Dream Symbols and Their Meanings
Dreams and Psychological Well-being
Animals, Water, and Flying as Symbols in Dreams
The Interpretation of Common Dream Scenarios
The Influence of Literature, Art, and Creativity on Dream Symbols
Lucid Dreaming and Its Relationship to Dream Symbols
Ethical Considerations in Interpreting Dream Symbols
Dream Symbolism in Life Transitions
Technological Advances in Dream Research