Spain during the end of XIX century, the Borbonic Restoration


Explore the fascinating period of the Borbonic Restoration and delve into Spain's dynamic history at the close of the 19th century. Our comprehensive course invites learners and history enthusiasts to understand the political, social, and economic transformations Spain underwent during this tumultuous time. Engage with topics like the significant 1876 Constitution, rise of regional nationalism, and influential workers' and farmers' movements. Analyze the consequences of the Spanish-American War on Spain and its colonies, and study the socio-economic shifts that led to Spain's modernization. With a focus on critical analysis, you'll gain insights into urban development, debates between protectionism and free trade, and detailed case studies that shed light on Spain's past. Ideal for students of European history, the Spanish empire, and social change, this course is key for anyone searching to deepen their understanding of Spain's 19th-century legacy and its impact on contemporary society. Keywords: 19th century Spain, Borbonic Restoration, Spanish history, Constitution of 1876, regional nationalism, Spanish-American War, Spain economic history, Spain political changes, Spain social movements, European history course.

What you will learn

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the political, social, and economic changes in Spain during the end of the 19th century, focusing on the Borbonic Restoration, and develop analytical and critical thinking skills through the examination of key events, movements, and individuals.

Course program

Political and Social Changes during the Borbonic Restoration
Movements and Unrest
The Cuban Problem and the Spanish-American War
Economic Transformations in Spain during the 19th Century
Demographics and Migrations in 19th Century Spain
Urban Development and Industrialization
Protectionism vs. Free Trade
Case Studies and Real-World Examples
Conclusion and Legacy of the Borbonic Restoration