Sources and search for scientific information


This course covers the evolution of scientific information dissemination, notable figures in the history of scientific information dissemination, legal and ethical frameworks in scientific publishing, types of reliable sources, online databases for scientific information, search strategies, evaluation of information sources, and criteria for scientific information.

What you will learn

Learners will acquire the skills and knowledge to effectively search for, evaluate, and utilize scientific information from a variety of sources, while understanding the legal, ethical, and regulatory frameworks that govern scientific publishing.

Course program

Evolution of Scientific Information Dissemination
Notable Figures in the History of Scientific Information Dissemination
Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Frameworks in Scientific Publishing
Types of Reliable Sources
Online Databases for Scientific Information
Search Strategies for Scientific Information
Evaluation of Information Sources
Purpose Criteria for Scientific Information
Objectivity Criteria for Scientific Information
Currency Criteria for Scientific Information