Socrates: dura lex, sed lex


Embark on an intellectual journey through ancient Greece with our in-depth course on Socrates, the father of Western philosophy. This enlightening mobile app-based program is your opportunity to engage with the profound teachings and enduring wisdom of Socrates, providing an extensive examination of his life, philosophy, and his principle of 'dura lex, sed lex'. Gain insight into his groundbreaking Socratic Method, understand his complex interactions with the Sophists, and reflect on the implications of his trial and execution. Discover how his legacy continues to influence modern thought on justice, ethics, and morality. With comprehensive content and interactive elements, this course is perfect for students, philosophy enthusiasts, and lifelong learners seeking to foster critical thinking and expand their knowledge. Keywords to explore this course include: Socrates, ancient philosophy, Socratic Method, Greek philosophy, ethical reasoning, critical thinking, 'dura lex, sed lex', justice, morality, learn philosophy online.

What you will learn

The learning goal of this mobile app-based course is to provide a comprehensive understanding of Socrates, his philosophy, and the concept of "dura lex, sed lex", fostering critical thinking and reflection on justice and morality.

Course program

Introduction to Socrates
Socratic Method and Universal Truth
Socrates and the Sophists
Socrates: Dura Lex, Sed Lex
Trial and Death of Socrates
Legacy of Socrates