Romantic Poetry Through the Centuries


This course explores the evolution of romantic poetry from medieval love poetry and courtly love traditions to contemporary romantic poetry in the digital age, covering key movements and themes such as Petrarchan sonnets, metaphysical poetry, the Romantic era, Victorian poetry, and the influence of social media and gender dynamics.

What you will learn

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the development of romantic poetry through the centuries and the ability to analyze and critically evaluate the key movements, themes, and cultural influences within this poetic tradition.

Course program

Medieval Love Poetry and Courtly Love Traditions
The Renaissance and the Rise of Petrarchan Sonnets
Metaphysical Poetry and Its Exploration of Love and Spirituality
The Romantic Era: Wordsworth and the Sublime
Romantic Poetry in the Industrial Age
Victorian Poetry: Social Reflections and Aesthetic Innovations
Pre-Raphaelite Influence on Romantic Poetry
Contemporary Romantic Poetry: Digital Age and Social Media
The Role of Gender and Sexuality in Romantic Poetry
Cross-Cultural Influences in Romantic Poetry