Relationship with the Audience in Theater: Catharsis, Estrangement, Participation


This course explores the historical, psychological, and ethical aspects of audience-theater interaction, including the concepts of catharsis and estrangement, the impact of technology on audience engagement, and the role of participatory and immersive theater experiences.

What you will learn

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of audience-theater interaction, including the historical and modern applications of catharsis and estrangement, and develop the skills to create inclusive and engaging theatrical experiences for diverse audiences.

Course program

Understanding Theatrical Reception
Dynamics of Audience-Theater Interaction
Exploring Catharsis in Theater
Estrangement as a Theatrical Tool
Enhancing Live Performance Through Audience Engagement
Participatory Theater: Techniques and Effects
Technological Innovations in Audience Engagement
Ethical Dimensions of Interactive Theater
Breaking the Fourth Wall: The Evolution of 'Liveness'
Fostering a Collective Theatrical Experience