Reactivity in Organic Chemistry: Organic Functions and Types of Reactions


This course covers the fundamentals of organic chemistry, including the structure and bonding of organic molecules, comparative reactivity of functional groups, behavior of organic functions, context and application of organic reactions, mechanisms and kinetics of organic reactions, thermodynamics and organic synthesis, industrial and research applications of organic reactions, and advanced topics in organic reactivity.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of organic chemistry reactivity, including the behavior of organic functions, types of reactions, and their applications in various industries.

Course program

Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry
Comparative Reactivity of Functional Groups
Behavior of Organic Functions
Context and Application of Organic Reactions
Mechanisms and Kinetics of Organic Reactions
Thermodynamics and Organic Synthesis
Industrial and Research Applications of Organic Reactions
Advanced Topics in Organic Reactivity