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Pythagoras, from Samos to the world


Explore the fascinating journey of Pythagoras, one of the most influential figures in mathematics and philosophy, with our comprehensive online course. Dive into the teachings of the legendary philosopher from Samos and understand his famous theorem that has become a cornerstone in geometry. Our in-depth course covers the essence of Pythagoreanism, his contributions to number theory, and the impact of his ideas on the ancient world and beyond. Ideal for students, educators, and history enthusiasts, this course offers valuable insights into Pythagoras's life and his school of thought. Enroll now to discover the stories behind the man who shaped the foundations of modern science and philosophy. Keywords: Pythagoras, Pythagorean theorem, mathematics, philosophy, Samos, ancient Greece, number theory, Pythagoreanism, mathematical history, online philosophy course.

What you will learn

Learn about Pythagoras and his contributions to mathematics and philosophy through an engaging mobile app experience.

Course program

Introduction to Pythagoras
Pythagoras' School and Disciples
Pythagoras' Beliefs and Lifestyle
Pythagoras' Contributions to Mathematics
Pythagoras' Philosophy of Numbers
Pythagoras' Legacy