Principles of microeconomics


Unlock the secrets of microeconomics with our comprehensive course, 'Principles of Microeconomics'. Perfect for students, entrepreneurs, and professionals keen to excel in economic theory and its practical applications. Over the span of this course, you can explore key concepts such as market equilibrium, consumer behavior, producer theory, and various market structures. We delve into important topics like market failures, labor economics, public economics, and international trade. Whether you're preparing for an academic exam or wish to apply microeconomic principles in your business decisions, this course equips you with the analytical skills needed to make informed choices in the complex economic landscape. If you're searching for a microeconomics course, economic principles, market analysis, economic decision-making, or economic policy evaluation, you've found the ideal resource for mastering these subjects.

What you will learn

To gain a comprehensive understanding of microeconomic principles and their application in real-world scenarios, and to develop analytical and critical thinking skills in evaluating economic decisions and policies.

Course program

Fundamentals of Microeconomics
Consumer Theory
Producer Theory
Market Structures
Market Failures
Public Economics
Labor Economics
International Economics
National Income Accounting