Pre-visigothic Iberian Peninsula


Dive deep into the enigmatic history of the Iberian Peninsula before the Visigothic era with our comprehensive course. Discover the ancient societies that thrived in Iberia from prehistoric times through a fascinating journey across epochs. Learn about the stunning cave paintings of Altamira and other prehistoric sites, the Tartessian culture, and the significant impact of Phoenician and Greek colonization on the region. Uncover the secrets of Romanization and how it paved the way for the establishment of the Visigothic Kingdom. This course offers an extensive examination of the political, cultural, and religious developments that shaped Iberia before the Visigothic rule. Ideal for history buffs, students, and anyone interested in European history, cultural studies, the Roman Empire, ancient civilizations, religious history, and archaeological treasures. Enroll now to explore the riveting past of the Pre-Visigothic Iberian Peninsula and gain insight into the profound historical legacy that influenced modern Europe.

What you will learn

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Pre-Visigothic Iberian Peninsula, including its prehistoric origins, cultural developments, colonization by various civilizations, and the political and religious dynamics of the Visigothic kingdoms.

Course program

Prehistoric societies in the Iberian Peninsula
Art and Symbolism in Prehistoric Iberia
Colonization of the Iberian Peninsula by Phoenicians and Greeks
Tartessos civilization
Romanization of the Iberian Peninsula
Roman Legacy in the Iberian Peninsula
Visigothic Rule in the Iberian Peninsula
Political Organization of the Visigothic Kingdoms
The councils of Toledo