Pre-Socratic Philosophy


This course explores the origins and development of Pre-Socratic philosophy, including the influence of mythology, the search for the arche, the concept of reality, and the impact of Pre-Socratic thought on later philosophical movements.

What you will learn

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Pre-Socratic philosophy and its influence on ancient and modern philosophical discourse, including the ability to critically analyze and evaluate early Greek philosophical concepts and their relevance to contemporary debates.

Course program

The Origins of Pre-Socratic Philosophy
The Problem of Reality in Pre-Socratic Philosophy
The Search for the Arche
Sensible and Non-Sensible Entities
The Philosophies of Parmenides and Heraclitus
Zeno's Paradoxes and the Concept of Infinity
The Role of Women in Pre-Socratic Philosophy
The Influence of Pre-Socratic Philosophy on Plato and Aristotle
The Significance of Cosmology in Pre-Socratic Philosophy
The Relevance of Pre-Socratic Philosophy to Modern Debates