Postmodern philosophy and literature


This course explores the origins and key figures of postmodernism, deconstruction as a philosophical method, postmodern literature and narrative structures, postmodernism in arts and media, societal structures, language, truth, and constructed identities in postmodernism, theoretical concepts, and cultural dynamics.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will acquire a deep understanding of postmodern philosophy and literature, as well as critical thinking skills to analyze and interpret complex postmodern texts and cultural phenomena.

Course program

Origins and Key Figures of Postmodernism
Deconstruction as a Philosophical Method
Postmodern Literature and Narrative Structures
Postmodernism in Arts and Media
Postmodernism and Societal Structures
Language, Truth, and Constructed Identities in Postmodernism
Postmodernism and Theoretical Concepts
Postmodernism and Cultural Dynamics