Plato, a world of ideas


Discover the profound insights of Plato's philosophy with our online course, 'Plato, a world of ideas'. Dive deep into his groundbreaking Theory of Forms, unravel the Myth of the Cavern, and explore his tripartite theory of the soul. Engage with his political philosophy and understand his enduring influence. Learn about Plato's legacy and his central ideas that shaped Western thought. Suitable for philosophy enthusiasts, students, educators, and anyone interested in exploring philosophical concepts through the convenience of a mobile app. Join us and gain a comprehensive understanding of Plato's world of ideas. Keywords: Plato philosophy course, Theory of Forms, Myth of the Cavern, tripartite soul theory, Plato's political philosophy, Plato's influence, Western philosophy, learn philosophy online, mobile learning, Plato's ideas, philosophical enlightenment.

What you will learn

The learning goal of this course is to develop a deep understanding of Plato's philosophical ideas and their relevance in the modern world, with the convenience of learning through a mobile app.

Course program

Introduction to Plato
Plato's Theory of Forms
The Myth of the Cavern
Plato's Psychology: The Tripartite Soul
Plato's Political Philosophy
Plato's Influence and Legacy