Philosophy of Death: Theories and Reflections


This course explores the concept of death from various philosophical, cultural, and religious perspectives, including ancient Greek, Eastern, Christian, and Enlightenment philosophies. It delves into theories of the afterlife, mortality's role in shaping human existence, ethical considerations related to death, existentialist reflections on death, and the psychological dimensions of the fear of death. Additionally, it examines the impact of technology and medical advancements on understanding death.

What you will learn

By the end of this course, learners will have a comprehensive understanding of the philosophy of death, including its cultural, ethical, and existential implications, and will be equipped with the critical thinking skills to analyze and reflect on the complex nature of mortality and its significance in human life.

Course program

The Concept of Death in Different Philosophical Traditions
Cultural and Religious Beliefs on Death
Theories of the Afterlife and Their Philosophical Implications
Mortality and Its Role in Shaping Human Existence
Death and Ethics
Existentialist Perspective on Death
The Concept of a "Good Death" and Its Significance
Fear of Death: Psychological and Philosophical Dimensions
Impact of Technology and Medical Advancements on Understanding Death