Desarrollo personal y psicología

Neuroscience and human behavior


This course covers the foundations of neuroscience, brain development and function, neurological disorders, neuropharmacology, social neuroscience, cognitive processes, and executive functions and cognitive control.

What you will learn

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between neuroscience and human behavior, and develop the skills to analyze and interpret the neural basis of various behaviors and cognitive processes.

Course program

Foundations of Neuroscience and Human Behavior
Brain Development and Function
Neurological Disorders and Their Impact on Behavior
Neuropharmacology and Behavioral Pharmacology
Social Neuroscience and Neuroethics
Cognitive Processes and Behavior
Neuroscience of Aging and Cognition
Personality and Cultural Neuroscience
Neuroscience of Motivation and Attention
Executive Functions and Cognitive Control