Modern Wood Industry Overview


This course provides a comprehensive overview of the modern wood industry, covering the history and evolution of wood processing technologies, market trends and global demand for wood products, sustainable practices and environmental impact, wood in construction and manufacturing, wood-based products in the modern industry, regulations, policies, and industry challenges, and advancing sustainability in the wood industry.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will acquire a deep understanding of the modern wood industry, including its historical development, current market trends, sustainable practices, and the regulatory and environmental challenges it faces, as well as the skills to contribute to the advancement of sustainability in the wood industry.

Course program

History and Evolution of Wood Processing Technologies
Market Trends and Global Demand for Wood Products
Sustainable Practices and Environmental Impact
Wood in Construction and Manufacturing
Wood-Based Products in the Modern Industry
Regulations, Policies, and Industry Challenges
Advancing Sustainability in the Wood Industry