Modern Age in Spain: Catholic Monarchs and Colonization of America


This course covers the unification of Spain under the Catholic Monarchs, the Reconquest and the War of Granada, exploration and conquest of America, colonial administration and society in Spanish America, economic foundations of the Spanish Empire, Spanish exploration and settlements in North America and the Caribbean, Spanish colonization in Central and South America, and the legacy and impact of Spanish colonization.

What you will learn

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Modern Age in Spain, including the political, economic, and societal aspects of the Catholic Monarchs' rule and the impact of Spanish colonization on the Americas, while developing critical thinking and analytical skills in evaluating historical events and their consequences.

Course program

Unification of Spain under the Catholic Monarchs
The Reconquest and the War of Granada
Exploration and Conquest of America
Colonial Administration and Society in Spanish America
Economic Foundations of the Spanish Empire in the Americas
Spanish Exploration and Settlements in North America and the Caribbean
Spanish Colonization in Central and South America
Legacy and Impact of Spanish Colonization