Medieval Spanish literature


Dive into the world of Medieval Spanish literature with our comprehensive online course. Explore the rich tapestry of historical and cultural narratives that span the dynamic period of Medieval Spain. From the iconic 'Cantar de Mio Cid' to the introspective works of King Alfonso X 'the Wise', our curriculum covers the essential genres, themes, and figures that define this era. Gain insight into the evolution of the Spanish language as it was influenced by Moorish culture and the unique interplay of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim traditions. Whether you're a student, literary enthusiast, or history buff, this course offers a window into the chivalric romances, moralistic poetry, and religious manuscripts that have shaped the Spanish literary canon. Delve into the world of medieval epics, ballads, and prose with the guidance of experienced educators. Unlock the mysteries of Medieval Spanish literature and appreciate its enduring influence on modern literature. Search terms: Medieval Spain history, Spanish literary works, Medieval Spanish authors, Spanish language evolution, Moorish culture influence, literary patronage, Medieval literature genres, Spanish historical context, literature appreciation course.

What you will learn

By the end of this course, learners will have gained a comprehensive understanding of Medieval Spanish literature, including its historical and cultural context, literary genres, key works and authors, and prevalent themes, thereby developing a deeper appreciation for the rich literary heritage of Spain.

Course program

Historical, Cultural, and Linguistic Context of Medieval Spain
Medieval Spanish Literary Genres
Key Literary Works and Authors
Themes in Medieval Spanish Literature