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Marcus Aurelius: Philosopher-King of Rome


Dive into the remarkable life of Marcus Aurelius—emperor of Rome and a key figure in Stoic philosophy. This comprehensive course delves into his influential reign, insightful Meditations, and enduring impact on leadership and ethical philosophy. Perfect for history buffs, philosophy enthusiasts, and leaders seeking ancient wisdom for modern challenges. Discover the resilience and intellect of Marcus Aurelius, Philosopher-King of Rome.

What you will learn

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Marcus Aurelius' life, leadership, and philosophical contributions, and develop critical thinking, historical analysis, and leadership skills applicable to contemporary contexts.

Course program

Early Life and Upbringing of Marcus Aurelius
Reign of Marcus Aurelius: Military and Political Leadership
Cultural and Social Impact of Marcus Aurelius
The Meditations: Philosophical Writings of Marcus Aurelius
Legacy and Historical Impact of Marcus Aurelius