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Management of Protected Areas: Strategies for Biodiversity Conservation


This course covers the historical development and global frameworks of protected areas, principles of conservation planning, threats to biodiversity and management strategies, socio-economic implications and community involvement, tools and techniques for managing protected areas, real-world application and collaboration, sustainable development and climate change adaptation, and policy and governance in protected area management.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage protected areas for biodiversity conservation, including understanding the principles of conservation planning, implementing management strategies, engaging with local communities, and navigating policy and governance frameworks.

Course program

Role of Protected Areas in Biodiversity Conservation
Principles of Biodiversity Conservation Planning
Threats to Biodiversity and Management Strategies
Socio-economic Implications and Community Involvement
Tools and Techniques for Managing Protected Areas
Real-world Application and Collaboration
Sustainable Development and Climate Change Adaptation
Policy and Governance in Protected Area Management