Longtermism: What We Owe the Future


Explore the profound philosophy of longtermism with our insightful course 'Longtermism: What We Owe the Future.' This course takes a deep dive into the moral implications of considering the long-term future of humanity and the skills needed to make a positive influence. By understanding population ethics, the wellbeing of sentient beings, and navigating uncertainties, participants are equipped to evaluate the long-term value of their actions. Historical perspectives provide a backdrop for trajectory changes, and the interplay of technology, values, and morality is thoroughly examined. Join us to learn how to shape a better future for generations to come. This course is ideal for individuals interested in futurism, ethical philosophy, moral imperatives, humanity's potential, and those seeking to contribute to a thriving future. If you're searching for 'futurism,' 'longtermism,' 'ethical philosophy,' 'population ethics,' or 'moral imperatives,' you'll find that this course is a match for your curiosity and passion for shaping the future.

What you will learn

Gain a deep understanding of longtermism and its moral implications, as well as the skills to navigate uncertainty, assess long-term value, and influence the future for the better.

Course program

The Essence of Longtermism
The Scope and Scale of the Future
The Interplay of Technology, Values, and Morality
Beyond Climate Change: Longtermism in Action
Historical Perspectives on Longtermism
The Dynamics of Change and Progress
Moral Philosophy and Population Ethics
The Wellbeing of Sentient Beings
Navigating Uncertainty and Influencing the Future
The Long View: Historical and Future Considerations
Trajectory Changes and Value Preservation