Liberalism versus absolutism in the XIX century Spain


Embark on a journey through the turbulent 19th century Spain where liberalism clashed with absolutism, shaping the nation's political and constitutional identity. This captivating course delves into the gripping historical conflicts between emergent liberal ideals and entrenched absolutist rule, providing vivid insights into the period's intricate events - from the French invasion and the War of Independence to the groundbreaking Cadiz Constitution and the tumultuous Democratic Sexennium. Engage with the remarkable transformations that led to Spain's constitutional advancements, and grasp the underlying dynamics of liberalism versus absolutism. Ideal for history enthusiasts, scholars, and anyone looking to understand Spain's 19th century and its impact on modern governance, this course is enriched with keywords such as 'Spanish liberalism', '19th century absolutism', 'Spanish Constitutional history', 'Cadiz Constitution', 'War of Independence', 'Amadeo de Saboya', and 'Democratic Sexennium'. Discover the compelling interplay between two contrasting ideologies that defined an epoch and influenced the course of European history.

What you will learn

By the end of this course, learners will have a comprehensive understanding of the conflicts between liberalism and absolutism in XIX century Spain, as well as the historical events and constitutional developments that shaped the political landscape of the time.

Course program

The French invasion of Spain and its causes
The Independence War of Spain
The Cadiz Constitution of 1812
Political evolution in Spain during the XIX century
Conflicts and constitutional developments in XIX century Spain
The Democratic Sexennium (1868-1874)
The Kingdom of Amadeo de Saboya and the First Republic
Comparison of liberalism and absolutism in XIX century Spain
Conclusion and legacy of liberalism versus absolutism in XIX century Spain