Legal Frameworks for Gender Equality


This course explores the historical foundations of gender discrimination in legal systems, landmark cases and legal precedents in gender equality, constitutional provisions for gender equality, gender-based violence laws and policies, gender equality in the workplace, legal rights and challenges for LGBTQ+ individuals, legal frameworks governing reproductive rights, and global enforcement and advocacy for gender equality.

What you will learn

Learners will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the legal frameworks for gender equality, including historical context, landmark cases, constitutional provisions, and contemporary issues, as well as the skills to analyze and advocate for gender equality within legal systems.

Course program

Historical Foundations of Gender Discrimination in Legal Systems
Constitutional Provisions and Gender Equality
Gender-Based Violence Laws and Policies
Gender Equality in the Workplace
Legal Rights and Challenges for LGBTQ+ Individuals
Legal Frameworks Governing Reproductive Rights
Legal Responses to Gender-Based Cultural Practices
Gender Equality in Access to Economic Opportunities
Global Enforcement and Advocacy for Gender Equality