Lengua Castellana y Literatura II

La familia de Pascual Duarte, a review


This course delves into the life and works of Camilo José Cela, focusing on his novel 'La familia de Pascual Duarte' and its reception, significance, themes, and narrative style. It also includes character analysis, the role of setting, and critical reception, providing a comprehensive understanding of the novel and its impact on Spanish literature.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will gain a deep understanding of Camilo José Cela's 'La familia de Pascual Duarte', including its historical context, thematic elements, and critical reception, as well as the ability to analyze characters, settings, and narrative styles in literary works.

Course program

Camilo José Cela: The Man Behind "La familia de Pascual Duarte"
The Novel's Reception and Significance
Character Analysis and the Role of Setting in "La familia de Pascual Duarte"
Themes and Narrative Style in "La familia de Pascual Duarte"
Critical Reception and Legacy of "La familia de Pascual Duarte"