Introduction to Western Philosophy


This course provides a comprehensive overview of Western philosophy, from its ancient Greek origins to contemporary perspectives, covering key figures, movements, and themes in the development of philosophical thought.

What you will learn

To gain a deep understanding of the historical and conceptual foundations of Western philosophy, and to develop critical thinking and analytical skills through the study of diverse philosophical perspectives.

Course program

The Foundations of Western Philosophy: Ancient Greek Thought
Plato's Enduring Influence on Philosophy
Aristotle's Comprehensive System of Thought
Hellenistic and Medieval Philosophy: Transition and Transformation
Renaissance to Enlightenment: The Turn to the Individual and Reason
Modern Philosophy: New Directions and Critiques
Philosophy of Mind, Language, and Consciousness
Twentieth Century and Beyond: Diverse Perspectives in Contemporary Philosophy
Philosophy in Practice: Ethics, Politics, and Science
Aesthetics and Philosophy of Religion: Beauty, Art, and the Divine