Introduction to Greek mythology


This course provides a comprehensive overview of Greek mythology, covering the origins of Greek myths, the major Olympian gods, significant deities and divine figures, the Trojan War, the influence of Greek mythology, symbolism and allegories, the afterlife and the underworld, and the interpretation of Greek myths.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will gain a deep understanding of Greek mythology and its impact on ancient and modern culture, as well as develop critical thinking skills in interpreting and analyzing mythological themes and symbols.

Course program

The Origins of Greek Mythology
The Twelve Major Olympian Gods: Myths and Powers
Other Significant Deities and Divine Figures
The Trojan War and its Major Characters and Events
The Influence of Greek Mythology
Symbolism and Allegories in Greek Myths
The Afterlife and the Underworld in Greek Mythology
The Interpretation of Greek Myths