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Introduction to cognitive biases


Unlock the secrets of the human mind by exploring the fascinating realm of cognitive biases with our 'Introduction to Cognitive Biases' course. Perfect for individuals keen on psychology, decision-making strategies, and personal development, this course delves into the subtle yet pervasive elements that shape our thoughts and decisions. Learn about overconfidence bias, self-serving bias, herd mentality, and more, empowering you to recognize and counteract these biases in your daily life and critical decision-making moments. Ideal for enthusiasts in behavioral economics, cognitive psychology, and anyone looking to enhance their critical thinking skills. Join now and start mitigating cognitive biases to sharpen your decision-making!

What you will learn

Develop a comprehensive understanding of cognitive biases and their effects on decision-making, and acquire the skills to recognize and mitigate these biases in various contexts.

Course program

Introduction to Cognitive Biases
Overconfidence Bias
Representativeness Heuristic Bias
Self Serving Bias
Herd Mentality
Loss Aversion
Narrative Fallacy
Confirmation Bias
Hindsight Bias