Introduction to classical metaphysics


Explore the foundations of metaphysical thought with our Introduction to Classical Metaphysics course. Dive into 300 years of philosophical inquiry, gaining understanding into ontological theories, space, time, causality, and the mind-body problem. Ideal for philosophy students, scholars, and anyone interested in the crucial questions of existence. Keywords: metaphysics, philosophy course, ontological theories, mind-body problem, classical metaphysics education.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of classical metaphysical theories and concepts, as well as the ability to critically analyze and evaluate different metaphysical perspectives.

Course program

Foundations of Metaphysics
Ontology and Identity
Space, Time, and Causality
Mind, Matter, and Free Will
Post-Medieval Metaphysical Developments
Metaphysical Concepts
Metaphysical Systems and Syntheses